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Welcome to Wellbeing at Prince Henry's. 

To be able to fulfil your potential it is important to do well in your studies but equally, to enable that to happen, you also need to work hard on your emotional, social and physical wellbeing. Here you will find some advice and guidance on how you can develop your whole wellbeing. This fits well with the Wellbeing Unit you study in PSE, but also you will find links to websites and support that you can access in your own time.

Talking about how you feel and what concerns you is vital, so please do talk to your family and friends, but also remember that you can contact your form tutor or the pastoral team in school if you want to.

NHS - Exam Stress
NHS - Mental Health Week

Chat Health
Chat Health is a confidential Texting Service offered by Herefordshire & Worcestershire Health and Care NHS. They can be contacted on 07507 331750 between 9am-4pm Monday to Friday.
More information:

This is an online resource (via the website, or by downloading the app) which has been developed by NHS Worcestershire in consultation with young people to offer online support for finding out more about emotional wellbeing & mental health. There is online support and it is anonymous.  

Here you can find access to different ideas and resources that can help you to develop a positive approach to your wellbeing.

Kooth is an online and text service for young people that offers help and guidance for those suffering from anxiety, negative thoughts and low moods. 1 in 5 young people suffer from mental health illnesses; the more people talk about it the more support can be given.

Keeping an eye on your wellbeing is just as important as watching what you eat and and drink. The following page gives you help and advice on how to keep your wellbeing in check. Just follow the 5 Ways to Well Being and see how it has a positive impact on you.